Wednesday, 2 December 2009

SPAM from the BOGUS Wessex Institute of Technology.

SPAM from the BOGUS Wessex Institute of Technology.
SPAM from the BOGUS Wessex Institute of Technology.
SPAM from the BOGUS Wessex Institute of Technology.
SPAM from the BOGUS Wessex Institute of Technology.

Organised By: Wessex Institute of Technology, Uk
Sponsored By: WIT Transactions on Biomedicine and Health

View the conference website, which has full details about the conference objectives, topics and submission requirements at:

Registration for Environmental Toxicology 2010 is now open online via the conference website.

Participants who opt to have their paper permanently and openly accessible on the WIT Press eLibrary will receive a USB Flash Drive containing all the papers presented at previous conferences in the Environmental Toxicology series.

Papers are published in the Transactions of the Wessex Institute of Technology and distributed throughout the world. In addition, they are archived in the Wessex Institute eLibrary where they are permanently and easily accessible to the international community.

Delegates attending Environmental Toxicology 2010 will be invited to submit an extended version of their paper for publication in the International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning, associated with the Wessex Institute of Technology.

Submit an abstract via the conference website: or contact the Conference Secretariat above.

Effluent toxicity
Bioaccumulation of chemicals
New trends in environmental toxicology
Biodegradation and bioremediation
Ecotoxicity of emerging chemicals
Biological effects monitoring
Laboratory techniques and field validation
Human health risk
Social aspects
Air contamination and quality
Natural toxins
Ecosystem health
Environmental health risk assessment
Endocrine distribution
Petroleum contamination

Claire Shiell, Conference Secretariat, Environmental Toxicology 2010
Wessex Institute of Technology, Ashurst Lodge, Ashurst
Southampton, SO40 7AA
Telephone: 44 (0) 238 029 3223 Fax: 44 (0) 238 029 2853

Please circulate this announcement to colleagues who may be interested in this conference. They can subscribe by e-mailing with 'Subscribe - Environmental Toxicology 2010' as the subject line.

Please note: We endeavour to e-mail you information relevant to your field. However, if you are now specialising in another field and wish to receive news relevant to this area, or if you no longer wish to be included in this list please email:


  1. YES, WIT Press, Brebbia and Wessex Institute of Technology use to publish the worst junk papers of 4th and 5th class scholars. Shame on them!

  2. Scentific credibity of WIT conferences is close to zero. They are just for your money (unsually high fee with almost nothing in return, even hotel rates are higher than when you walk-in!!), and will accept and publish any junk. Shame on them

  3. the Wessex Institute of Technology is a Scam.
    They publish without review garbage papers from 5th or 6th class "researchers".
    It is better to buy popular pseudo-science magazines than wessex institute of technology volumes

  4. I recently attended a Wessex Ins.Technology conference "Sustainable Tourism 2010" . Everything was too expensive. They charge you again and again with several ridiculous taxes.
    Wessex Institute of Technology is a big Scam and their conferences are absolutely bogus and fake.
    I paid Registration Fee: €1380 and I heard
    lectures of very bad quality,
    I think that somebody must inform the Police in UK about the scummy and repugnant Wessex Institute of Technology

  5. wow...thank you so much for sharing this...i was just about to participate in several of their research conferences...but i had a gut feeling there was something 'unprofessional' about the website and institution. First of all, of the fact that all of their conference venues are in uncommon/unpopular places is kind of creepy. Second of all, WIT is not very well known at all for its prices.

    anyways...thanks again for the warning...i appreciate it.

  6. Let me chime in here, I too was scammed into attending a conferece this year, and what a joke. They would not tell you until you arrived who was attending, when you would be speaking or even an agenda. The reason is the presentation room holds no more than 50 seats and our "conference" had about 20 people. I would have cancelled and I noticed at least 1/3 of the name tags were never claimed, whether they were real folks or extas trying to make it look like there were more attendees, I don't know. To be fair, there were a few interesting talks and a wide geographic spread of folks but Wessex spent the first hour and 1/2 trying to sell you books. Like a time share seminar. They are displayed all around the room. Their conference journal is not on the common citation indicies and they really pressure you to put in a paper to this worthless journal. I never did thankfully. Steer clear, they are just out to make money and sadly, the product is not worth it.

  7. "I have been to two Wessex Institute conferences. Seeing the quality of the presentations my guess is that any abstract will be accepted. They are fairly lightweight conferences held in interesting places in the world. By attending the conferences I have made some interesting contacts. I have some extra publications that look OK, at least on the surface. The conferences are not academically rigorous, they are expensive, they are very small and they consequently do not have the leading scholars attending them. They do appeal to people who are trying to make their mark, because you do get a seemingly attractive publication (book chapter) out of them. It does seem to me that they are a money making ruse for the owner of the institute (Carlos Brebbia)that is succesful because of the academic imperative to publish. I won't go to another one. There are many more reputable conferences to choose from other than those put on by Wessex Institute."

    Please, check it

    1. I agree with you. WIT Press affiliated with Wessex Institute of Technology is a scam.

  8. I agree that these Wessex Institute of Technology conferences are garbage. Somebody must stop these illegal (from academic point of view) activities

  9. WIT Press affiliated with Wessex Institute of Technology is a scam.

  10. In the web address:

    they claim: "The Wessex Institute of Technology
    Located amid the beautiful New Forest National Park in England, Wessex Institute of Technology (usually referred to as just Wessex Institute or WIT) is a unique organisation serving the international scientific community"


    "The overall aim of Wessex Institute is to develop a series of knowledge transfer mechanisms, particularly directed towards the exchange of information between academics and professional users within industry. "


    This is achieved through a range of activities organised by a dedicated team of staff both within the Institute and its associate companies. A large network of prestigious contacts and links have been established with many organisations throughout the world


  11. Wessex Institute of Technology conferences are really bogus. But I found by googling: bogus conferences this post and I want to re-post it here:

    this information
    and I want to share it with you.
    It is amazing how a (former?) reputable technical digital library (IEEE) contains dozens of machine generated (SCIgen) fake papers.
    Also, IEEE confessed that 157 Conferences with the Proceedings already inserted and recorded in IEEE Xplore were ... fake conferences. See the confession in the IEEE Site:

    This scientific article has been published in a reputable Springer Verlag journal:
    The authors have proven that in IEEE Xplore data there are now at least 85 fake SCIgen papers.
    SCIgen is a program that generates random Computer Science research papers, including graphs, figures, and citations.
    It has been proven that many Bogus IEEE Conferences feed the IEEE Explore Library with many fake SCIgen papers each year.
    So, the IEEE Digital Library (IEEE Xplore) overflows of hundreds of machine ganerated (SCIgen) articles. These are some typical examples
    Details and discussion of what happened are still here:
    If more than 85 SCIgen fake papers can be found at the moment in IEEE Digital Library, then anybody can assume
    a) There is no quality control in IEEE Conferences (Google: Bogus IEEE Conferences)
    b) IEEE Headquarters do not review the CD-ROM Proceedings or USB Proceedings of the local IEEE organizers.
    So, how can we trust IEEE if they host in their digital library so many bogus, fake conference proceedings?
    what about this:
    We have the Letter of acceptance: A fantastic paper accepted in an IEEE Conference: A Statistical Method For Women That Can Help Our Sexual Education: